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eTrex USB Data cables GPS used by The National Trust in Wales

eTrex USB Cable

Our GPS Data Cables are being used by The National Trust in Wales to help with a Major Project. The product they used were the eTrex USB Data Cables.

Trystan Edwards of the National Trust said that they have a number of Garmin devices which are given to contractors to record work up on an important moor in Snowdonia. So our GPS cables will be well used. He also said

“Across about 13000 acres of deep peat moor, important as a carbon store, contractors have been blocking man made ditches from the 19th Century and 1960s-1980s. It’s been a big job spanning 5 years.
Every peat dam has been recorded, and they are normally about 10m apart, such that we have thousands of them across the moor, called Y Migneint.
All the dam records have been downloaded from the devices using your cables. Moving forward, the work that has been completed will allow us to develop a more integrated approach to managing the upper Conwy catchment.”

Ross Henderson, Owner of Nav-e-gate4less, said “I am delighted to hear of this project and that we were able to assist with our GPS Data Cables. The majority of our sales are to individuals and we don’t often hear of what it is that our cables are being used for. This was very interesting application of one of our products. It also shows that we offer high quality products and accordingly, a customer service to match.”

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