Windows 10 and GPS Babel Connection Setup

This guide will assist you with setting up a connection with one of our Garmin eTrex USB Data Cables

You will need to install the PL2303 Drivers first, which are located on the Mini CD supplied with the cable. Alternatively, you can download the drivers from

You will need to enter “GUEST” as both the username and password.

GPS Babel can be downloaded from here

Once you have downloaded the software, install it as you would any other application. You may be asked by your firewall if it is ok to run. Click on “Ok” or “Allow” if this happens.

Once the software has completed installing, you now need to set up a connection to your GPS unit.

Run GPS Babel.

When the software is open, select “Device” in the Input section of the screen.

GPS Babel - Startup Screen

Ensure that “Garmin Serial/USB” is selected.

Next Choose the comm. port that your GPS USB cable is connected to (look in Device Manager and under ports if you don’t know the comm. port number).

GPS Babel with Garmin and USB port Selected

Type in a File Name and choose the Format from the menu.

GPS Babel - Selecting the output file type

Click on the “File Name” button and choose a location and name for the output file. It might be necessary to save this file in your own documents folder or another location. You may not have permission to create new files in the root folder of GPS Babel.

GPS Babel- Naming the Output File

GPS Babel will import the waypoints, or anything else that you have asked for an output them in a file in the format of your choice. This may take several minutes, depending on the number of waypoints, etc.

GPS Babel - Screen when waypoints are being imported.

When the import/export process is complete, you should see a message in the big box saying “Translation Successful”.

GPS Babel when waypoints have been imported and outputted into a file

You can now import your waypoints into the software that you chose in the file format menu.