Gartrip GPS Setup with Windows 10

This guide is for setting up a connection with Gartrip and our eTrex USB Data Cables.

Gartrip can be downloaded from

Once you have downloaded the software, install it as you would any other application. You may be asked by your firewall if it is ok to run. Click on “Ok” or “Allow” if this happens. Once the software has completed installing, you now need to set up a connection to your GPS unit.

Use Device Manager to find out the Comm. Port number (type “Device Manager” in the search bar in windows, then expand “Ports”. The Comm. Port you require will be described as “Prolific USB-Serial Comm Port (Com X). X is the number you require).

Open Gartrip. You should see a screen similar to this: –

Gartrip initial screen on opening

If you click on cancel, you should see similar to the one below: –

Gartrip Initial Screen

Now, if you choose “System” then “GPS Properties”, you will see a screen like this one: –

Gartrip GPS Properties Dialogue Box

Choose the Comm. Port Number which you previously found out from Device Manager in the “Receiver Port” drop down menu.

If your GPS is switched on, you should see a message similar to “GPS eTrex XXXXXX Software Version 3.80 at Port 3

Now click on “OK”.

Next choose from the menu “GPS”, then “Read Waypoints”

Gartrip should now read all the waypoints stored in your GPS and you should end up with a screen similar to: –

Gartrip Successfully imported GPS Waypoints