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Electronics Retailer of the Year

Great news! Nav-e-gate4less have won another award. This time we have been awarded Electronics Retailer of the Year through Scotland Prestige. We are delighted to receive this award. It just goes to show that all our hard work in delivering good customer service pays off in the end.

Below is a clip of the email that we received.

“Hi there,

I have tried to contact you in regards to this year’s Prestige Awards, as a past winner you had been automatically reconsidered, the judges have been working hard in the background and the final results have been available for some time. With this year’s awards coming close to the deadline, I thought it best to email the details before you lose the chance to be involved.

The administration team had considered yourselves for the category of Electronics Retailer of the Year. It was actually some great news, I’m really pleased to confirm that you have been chosen as the 2023/24 winner, Congratulations!.”

Many thanks to all our customers, suppliers, friends and supporters who all made this possible.

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