Ross Henderson Completes a Half Marathon

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On the 18th October 2009, Nav-e-gate4less Owner, Ross Henderson completed a half marathon. It was at Aviemore. His overall time was 1 hr 55 mins 56 secs, which is a personal best time for him.


He said "The weather could not be better for the event. It was overcast, not too hot, or cold. We were treated to a slight rain shower in the last mile or so, but other than that, it was perfect. The first mile I did in 8minutes, which is a first for me. After that I had to hold myself back, otherwise I would have nothing left in the last few miles. But I just kept going and going at a similar pace. I reached the 10 mile mark in under an hour and a half, so completing the race in under 2 hours was possible.  I thoroughly enjoyed the race! Well done to all those who took part, and also those who made the event happen."


He is currently looking for some sponsorship. All proceeds go towards an outdoor centre set up for disabled people. You can sponsor him at

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